Cold Therapy

Submersing yourself in cold water has several benefits including increasing metabolism (short term effect), increasing metabolically active brown fat (long term effect) and stimulating luekocyte (white blood cell) production.

I am primarily interested in reducing inflammation.

Decades of sitting with poor posture has made me continuously stiff and sore. Although a movement practice involving mobility training is the core of my treatment plan, other more targeted treatments (chiropractic care, massage therapy, and hot/cold treatment) can both provide acute relief.

This isn’t just a theory for me. I have never felt better or slept deeper than after a plunge in a ice cold alpine lake.

Jumping in a freezing cold lake is the simplest solution but involves travel, weather dependency, and access. In order for this to become a habit I need to make it easy. I need a cold plunge tank in my home.

The simplest way to cold plunge in your home is to add ice to your bathroom tub.

This is the lowest initial investment (around $30 for ice) and is where you should start. Eventually the cost of ice adds up, and running to the store for ice is a friction point that gets annoying.

If you find yourself sticking with the habit, it makes sense to invest in a cold plunge tank.

Cold Plunge Tanks

The Portal by Polar Monkeys

Cold plunge tank components consist of a tank, filter, purifier, and chiller.


Should you build one from components or buy one already built?

Commercially available cold plunge tanks cost $3,000-7,500. The price difference is in size (4′ – 6′), materials (cheap metal stock tank vs nice looking tub), power (1HP vs 1/2HP Chiller), water treatment method (ozone vs filter) and features (cold or hot and cold, timers, insulation, etc).


The Plunge

The Portal

Ice Barrel

I think its worth the price, but should I build one from components?

A 2×6 model from Polar Monkeys is $3400.

The components are as follows…

Total for materials is $2207, saving me around $1200. Plus I get to build something!

More coming soon…